Hendon Family Chronicles

As Defined by Y-DNA Analysis

By John S. Hendon

William Henden (abt. 1676 – abt. 1703) born in Marksbury, Somerset, England. Died in King & Queen Co., Virginia.

Richard Hendon (ca 1698-1768) Born King and Queen Co., Virginia; Died Baltimore County, Maryland

Joseph Hendon           (1728 – 1760)  B. & D., Baltimore Co., Maryland

 Richard Hendon Jr.     (1734 – after 1768)  B., Baltimore Co., Maryland. D. MD

Josias F. Hendon         (1739 – 1829) B. Baltimore Co., MD; Died Anson Co. NC

Henry Hendon            (1741 -  1810) B. & D., Baltimore Co., Maryland

Josias 'The Elder' Hendon (ca 1700-1738) Born
King and Queen Co., Virginia; Died Baltimore County, Maryland
*William Hendon    (1723 – 1788) B. Baltimore Co., Maryland. D. Bladen Co., NC
                      Josiah          (1756 – 1832) Born and Died Bladen Copunty, NC
                       William, Jr.  (1759- 1835)  Born and Died Bladen County, NC
*Isham Hendon, Sr. (1725-1803)  Born Baltimore Co, MD; Died Wake Co. NC
                       Robinson  (1750 – 1832) B. Baltimore Co., MD; Died Oglethrope Co., GA                  
                        Rev. William   (1752 – 1822) B. Baltimore Co., Maryland; Died Franklin Co., TN
                        Thomas  (1754- ca 1825) Born Wake Co., NC; Died Morgan County, Georgia
                        James        (ca 1762 – aft 1830) Born Wake Co., NC; Died NC
                       Isham, Jr.      (ca 1764 – abt 1835) B. Wake Co., NC.; D. Fayette County, TN
                                                                                                      *Josiah F. Hendon  (1738- aft. 1750) Born Baltimore Co., Maryland; Died Anson Co., NC
                                                                                 (*sons of Josias)

(Identity of James Hendon's father is in question)
James Hendon  (ca. 1733-1792) Born Baltimore Co., Maryland; Died Wake Co., NC
                       Isham C.  (1755 – 1801/02) B. Baltimore Co., Maryland; D. Clarke Co., GA
                        Elijah  (1758 – abt 1830) Born Wake Co., NC; Died Anderson City, TN

Note: The above enhanced names, Robinson, for example, have been identified by 12 of their descendants by documentation (the paper trail) and DNA analysis. Genetically, this group is defined by Haplogroup G, indicating similar characteristics with Josias, The Elder as the common ancestor.

Descendants of Elijah Hendon Descendants of Isham C. Hendon
James Hendon  (1789–1867) B. Wake Co., NC.; D. Stewart Co., TN James F.  Hendon (abt 1778–1845) Born Wake Co., NC; Died Clarke Co., GA
          Elijah (1813– aft. 1867) B. Stewart Co., TN.; D. Trigg Co. KY Benjamin Norris Hendon (1785–abt 1875) B. Oglethorpe, GA; D. Newton Co. MS
         William  (ca 1823- aft. 1850) Born Stewart County, TN; Died ?   *Aaron Hendon (1787- ca 1846) B. Oglethorpe County, GA; D. Pickens County, AL
         David (1825–1849) Born & Died Stewart County, TN Isham C. Hendon, Jr. (ca 1788- ca 1820) B. Oglethorpe County, GA; D. Wilkerson County, GA
          Little Berry (1827 – 1889) Born Stewart Co., TN; Died Galloway Co., KY Elijah Hendon (1798-1870) Born Oglethorpe Co. GA; Died Calhoun Co. GA
          Henry (1839-1919) Born & Died Stewart County, Tennessee *Descendants of Aaron, above, and James S., below, to be outlined further down the page
Berry Hendon (ca 1792 - ? )  Born Wake County, NC; Died ? Benjamin Norris Hendon (1785–abt 1875)
          William Frances (1839-1900) B. Trigg Co., KY.; D. Trigg Co., KY         Thomas M.  (ca 1810- ca 1855) B. Clarke Co. GA; D. Tuscaloosa County, AL
          James Silas Littleberry (1847-1875) B. Trigg Co. KY; D. Trigg Co., KY         Steven Duncan (1820- 1862) B. Tuscaloosa County, AL; D. Henrico  Co., VA (CW)
           S. J. (abt 1849- abt 1856) Born & Died in KY         Benjamin Norris, Jr. (1828-aft. 1888) B. Tuscaloosa Co, AL; Died Freestone Co. TX
           Winborne (1850-1853)          John Cook (1829-1902) B. Tuscaloosa, AL.; D. Comanche County, TX
           David  (1852-1854)          Simon Peter (1835-abt 1910) B. Pickens Co., AL: Died Chickasaw County, MS
           Littleberry  (1855-1870)          James William (1837-1895) B. Pickens Co., AL; D. Hendon, Bledsoe Co., TN
         Wiley Galespy  (1861-1864) Born  & Died Newton County, MS
William Francis Hendon (1839-1900)
          James Columbus (1861-1937) John Cook Hendon (1829 - 1902)
           Poindexter (1884-1950) Born & Died Trigg County, KY          *James S. (1848-1924) Born Pickens Co, AL; Died Van Fleet, Chickasaw Co., MS  
          Joseph D. (1852- 1922) Born Pickens Co., AL; Died Monroe County, MS
Poindexter Hendon (1884-1950)           William A. R. (1861-1890) B. Pickens Co, AL; Died Guin, Marion Co. AL
          Hoy Hayes (1899-1990) Born TN; Died Henderson Co., TN           George Abraham (1865-1931) B. Pickens Co., AL; Died Erath Co., TX
          Luther Francis (1902-1985) B. KY.; D. Calloway Co., KY           John S. P. (1871-1871) Born & Died Pickens County, AL
          Henry Leamon (1904-1959) B. ? ; D. Calloway Co., KY
          Homer Vaden (1907-1974) William A. R. Hendon (1861-1890)
          Arthur Burnett (1912-1965) B. Golden Pond, KY.; D. Murray, KY           John Bunyon (1886-1960) Chickasaw Co., MS; Died Santa Clara Co., CA
Arthur Burnett Hendon (1912-1965) John Bunyon Hendon (1886-1960)
          William Burnett (1931-1955)                 John Arthur (1910-1978)
           James Orlin (1935- ?) B. San Francisco, CA                       Jay Arthur (1939-living) B. San Francisco, CA
           Bobby Eugene (1937- ?)            Dan Wingreave (1917-1987) B. Los Angeles, CA; Died Hoquiam, WA
           Thomas Rheed (1939-living) B. Golden Pond, KY                       John Solon (1940-living) B. San Francisco, CA
                      Dale Kenneth (1948-living) B. San Francisco, CA

Note: Those names made bold define the genetic trail to the common ancestor of this group, James (abt. 1733-1792).  The name at the end of each column is the tested individual. In the past, the “Tree” described on this page was viewed in its entirety as a continuous flow of descendants to the current period. However, as implied by the current outline, there are two families claiming the Hendon surname. Genetically, this group is defined by Haplogroup R, which indicates these individuals have similar characteristics and evolution.

Aaron Hendon (ca 1787 - ca 1846) Born Oglethorpe County, GA; Died Pickens Co., AL   James S. Hendon (1848-1924) B. Pickens Co., AL; D. Chickasaw Co., MS    
         James (1819- aft. 1852) Born Clarke Co., GA; died AL            John W. (1867-1940) B. Marion Co., AL; Died Chickasaw Co., MS
         Joshua Isham (ca 1820- ? ) Born Clarke County, GA; Died ?
         Benjamin Norris (ca 1823 - aft. 1880) B. St. Clair Co, AL; died Oktibbeha Co., MS John W. Hendon (1867 - 1940)
          Asbury P. (ca 1830 - ca 1910/20) B. St. Clair Co., AL D. Santa Clara Co., CA              Manuel N. (1890-1960) B. Alabama; Died Clay County, MS
          William Lafayette (1831 - 1909/10) B. St. Clair Co., AL; Died Knox Co., TX             Joseph N. (ca 1892 - ? ) Unknown
          Josiah Joseph (ca 1834 - ca 1865) B. St. Clair Co., AL; Died ca 1865 (CW)             John Thomas (1900- 1944)
             Daniel Jack (1901 - 1961) B. Chickasaw Co, MS; Died Tutwiler, MS
William Lafayette Hendon (1831 - 1909/10)              James F. (1902 - 1978) B.orn MS; Died Clay County, MS
          Erastus Lafayette (1859 - 1931) B. Oktibbeha Co., MS; Died Knox Co., TX              Sidney (1907 - ? )
          Benjamin Jayhue  (1863-1943) B. Oktibbeha Co., MS.; D. El Paso, TX
          William Lafayette, Jr. (1870 - bef. 1874) Born & Died Holmes Co., MS   Daniel Jack Hendon (1901 - 1961)
          William G. 'Bud' (ca 1875 - ca 1905) B. Holmes Co., MS; Died Henderson of Knox Co., TX            Cleveland R. (1929 - 1994) Born MS; Died Coahoma, MS
           Danny (1933 - 1960) Born Sunnyside, MS; Died unknown
Erastus Lafayette Hendon (1859-1931)             John O'Neal   (1943-1979)
           William Thomas 'Tom' (1886 - 1979) B. Holmes County, MS; Died Dawson County, TX              Billy Ray (1945 - 1974) B. Charlston, MS; D. Washington D C
            Archie Jasper (1893-1971) B. Limestone Co., TX.;  D. Lorenzo,  Crosby Co., TX             Roger Dale (1948 - 1987) Born & Died Gulfport, MS
            Barney Gibbs (1897-1936) B. Limestone Co., TX.; D. Bowie, Montague Co., TX
            Bert (1899 - 1902) B. Limestone Co., TX; Died near Azle, Tarrant Co., TX Billy Ray Hendon (1945 - 1974)
            Danny Wade (1966 - living) B. CA
Barney Gibbs Hendon (1897 - 1936)             Gregory Ray (1968 - living) B. CA
            Eual D. (1919 - 1971) B. Montague County, TX; D. Ogallala, Keith County, NE              William Dean (1972 - living) B. CA
            Alton Gibbs  (1921 - 2000) B. Knox County, TX; Died Macon, GA
Danny Wade Hendon (1966 - living) B. CA
Eual D. Hendon (1919 - 1971)              Tyler Wade  (1997 - living) B. CA  
            Jerry Lee (1938 - 2006) Born Knox County, TX; Died Brule, Keith County, NE
            E. Wayne (1944 - living) Born Knox County, TX