Several years ago, our cousin and noted Hendon family researcher, Rufus Hendon, notified me that his web page, Hendon Archives, would be discontinued in the future. Since "The Archives" contains useful, pertinent material, I asked Rufus' permission to post the contents of his page  here on Hendon Family Chronicles. He enthusiastically agreed with the idea. Well, "that day" has arrived and Hendon Archives has disappeared from the internet! So, here it is again..........


The purpose of this site is to collect, archive, display, and disseminate information about the descendants of the brothers Richard and Josias Hendon who came to America at the beginning of the 18th century.

Family Trees

A. * The Descendants of Richard Hendon in Outline Form (272 names)
B. * The Descendants of Josias Hendon in Outline Form (4,302 names)
C. * The Descendants of Elijah Hendon of Georgia in Outline Form (370 names)
D. * The Descendants of Elijah Hendon of Tennessee in Outline Form (230 names)
E. * The Descendants of Aaron Hendon in Outline Form (78 names)


F. * Obituaries
G.* E. T. Hendon's History [The Hendon Wanderlust] (Mariella K. Hendon)


H. * Where Did We Come From? (Harry H. Hendon)
I.  * Aaron Hendon and His Descendants (Kathy Hendon)


J. * Some descendants of Erastus Tillman Hendon

K. * John Madison Hendon and Some of His Descendants

Links to Other Web Sites with Hendon Information

       * Old Hendon Photos
    * Hendons Who Wore Grey (Wayne Hendon)
    * Hendon Family Genealogy Forum
    * James Olive Family History [three of his sons married Hendon women in  the 18th century]
    * Southern Born and Southern Bred (Rita Knight) [a few Hendons, some good links]

This Web site is maintained by Rufus Staples Hendon (descended from Josias Hendon through Isham Hendon, Sr., Robinson Hendon, Johnson Hendon, James Alexander Hendon, Sr., Johnson M. Hendon, Erastus Tillman Hendon, and Rufus Staples Hendon, Sr.).

Last updated 15 Aug 2019

Inquiries about the contents of this page should be directed to  Wayne Hendon .