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Our Early American Hendons and some Allied Families

During America's eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, most folks travelled very little. Most families were farmers and lived near each another. Therefore, socializing was often done with others in the family, fellow church members, and neighbors. Since chances for meeting a prospective mate were limited, marriages between second and third cousins (or even first cousins) were not uncommon. For these reasons, certain surnames are associated with the Hendons. I've come across many instances of siblings marrying siblings. Children of these unions are called "double cousins". Most people have two sets of grandparents while 'double cousins' have only one set!

Some Surnames Allied With HENDONS


Aley Jane Clement, daughter of John Clement, Sr, married Benjamin Norris Hendon, son of Isham C. Hendon and Patience Sugg on 2 Nov 1807. John Clement, Jr, Aley's brother, married Patience (Sugg) Hendon, widow of Benjamin N. Hendon on 11 Jun 1806. Benjamin was also Aley's father-in-law.


John Cromartie married Elizabeth Ann Hendon, daughter of William Hendon and Sarah Ann Lock on 11 Feb 1834.
George Cromartie, brother of George, married Elizabeth's half-sister, Mary Jane Hendon, on the same day. 


Michael Duskin, Jr married Mary Hendon, daughter of Isham Hendon and Keziah Johnson, on 17 Feb 1774.
Keziah Duskin, daughter of Michael and Mary (Hendon) Duskin, married Council Moore on 16 Oct 1804.
Mary 'Polly' Moore, sister of Council Moore, married Isham Hendon, Jr,
on 31 Jan 1797. Isham Jr was the son of the previously mentioned Isham and Keziah (Johnson) Hendon.
Jacob Johnson, brother of the previously mentioned Keziah (Johnson) Hendon, married Elizabeth Hendon on 25 Feb 1749. Elizabeth was the daughter of
Josias Hendon and Hannah Robinson.


Robinson Hendon, son of Isham and Keziah (Johnson) Hendon, married Elizabeth Hartsfield ca 1774.
Hartsfield Hendon, son of Robinson and Elizabeth (Hartsfield) Hendon, married Elizabeth 'Betsy' Olive, on 7 Jan 1829. Betsy was the daughter of Hendon and Sally (Hartsfield) Hendon.

Three children of James and Mary Elizabeth (Allard) Olive married Hendons:
William Olive married (ca 1770) Elizabeth Hendon, daughter of James and Hannah (Norris) Hendon.
Southwood Olive married (ca 1775) Nancy Ann Hendon, daughter of Isham and Keziah (Johnson) Hendon.
Anthony Olive married (ca 1777) Karenhappuck 'Happy' Hendon, another daughter of
Isham and Keziah (Johnson) Hendon.

Four children of Anthony and 'Happy' (Hendon) Olive married Hendons and Hartsfields:
Hendon Olive married Sarah 'Sally' Hartsfield on 4 Dec 1806. Sarah was the daughter of Richard Hartsfield.
Mary 'Polly' Olive married Henry Hartsfield on 7 Aug 1798.
Nancy Olive, married James Hartsfield in Apr 1812.
Elizabeth 'Betsy' Olive married the same Henry Hartsfield after the death of her sister (Polly) in Jan 1829.


William Hendon, son of Josias and Hannah (Robinson) Hendon, married his first cousin, Lydia Hendon on 11 Nov 1746. Lydia was the daughter of Richard Hendon and Sarah Gardner.
Margaret J. Hendon, daughter of Willis Hendon and Mary Sophia Kyle, married her second cousin, Reuben Hillard Hendon on 11 Sep 1866. Reuben HIlliard was the son of Johnson Hendon and Willis was the son Harris Hendon. Johnson and Harris Hendon were 1st cousins.
Andrew Hartsfield Hendon, son of Johnson and Sally (Scoggins) Hendon, married Mahala Rebecca Gibson, on 18 Jan 1846.
Wiley Johnson Hendon, another son of Johnson and Sally (Scoggins) Hendon, married Elizabeth Gibson ca 1841. Elizabeth and Mahala Gibson were daughters of Jonathon and Susan (Rector) Gibson..


Abner Herrin married Keziah Hendon 16 Aug 1802.
Lemuel Herrin, brother of Abner, married Mary 'Polly' Hendon on 26 Aug 1808. Keziah and Polly Hendon were the daughters of Rev. William Hendon and his first wife (unknown).


William Nutt, son of Robert Nutt, married Sarah Hendon circa 1775. Sarah was the daughter of James Hendon and Hannah Norris and sister of Isham C. Hendon. Rebecca M. Nutt, sister of William Nutt, married Aaron Sugg ca 1755. Aaron and Rebecca (Nutt) Sugg's son, Joshua Sugg, Jr, married Elizabeth Hutchings in 1789. Isham C. Hendon's widow, Patience Sugg (unproven) married John Clement, Jr.


Millington Scoggins, son of Alexander and Mary (Gresham) Scoggins, married Sarah E. 'Sally' Hendon on 18 Jan 1800.
Sarah 'Sally' Scoggins, sister of Millington,  married Johnson Hendon on 15 May 1800. Johnson and Sally Hendon were the children of Robinson and Elizabeth (Hartsfield) Hendon.


William Hendon married Elizabeth Standifer (or Sandifer) ca 1797.
Thomas Hendon, brother of William, married Elizabeth's sister, Cassandra Standifer, in Aug 1777. William and Thomas were the sons of Isham and Keziah (Johnson) Hendon. Elizabeth and Cassandra were the daughters of Israel and Cassandra (Anderson) Standifer.


Elizabeth Stedman, daughter of James A. and Nancy (Coates) Stedman, married Aaron Hendon on 10 Jul 1816. Aaron was the son of Isham C. and Patience (Sugg) Hendon.
Margaret Stedman, sister of Elizabeth, married William W. Clement, brother of previously mentioned Aley Jane Clement and John Clement, Jr.

A Sampling of Family Names
Andrew Hartsfield Hendon                            

Joshua Marsh Hendon                                                  

Andrew Jackson Hendon

Josiah Richard Hendon

Benjamin Norris Hendon (at least 5)

Karenhappuck 'Happy' Hendon

Brackston Bragg Hendon

Leander Carruth Hendon

Edwin Cobb Hendon

Littleton Gavie Hendon

Elam Harris Hendon

Louisa Ustasia Louvinia Hendon

Elisha Dawson Hendon

Louis Albert 'Louap' Hendon

Elkanah Hendon (3)

Malachi Reeves Hendon

Erastus Layette Hendon
Poindexter Hendon
Erastus Tillman Hendon Randall Robinson Hendon
Euthrea Clayton Hendon_____________________________________
Fortemous Robinson Hendon
Reubin Hilliard Hendon
Robinson Hendon
Francis Robinson Hendon Rosewell Alphonso Hendon
Frank Cudellas Hendon Rufus Staples Hendon
General Joseph Ernest Johnson Hendon
Rufus Suluscious Hendon

Hartsfield Hendon

Sylvanus Anthony Hendon

Henry Telfair Hendon

Thomas Winston Seymour Hendon                     

Hezekiah Hendon

Tillman Cudellas Hendon

Hillard Elijah Hendon

Wheeler Boozer Hendon

Houston Winn Hendon

Wiley Galespy Hendon

Isaac Billingsley Hendon

Wiley Hartsfield Hendon

Isham Hendon (at least 10 first or middle names)

William Cincinnatus Lykergus Hendon

James Robinson Hendon

William Lafayette 'Fate' Hendon

James Wiley Thomas Hendon

Zeab Leander Hendon

Jerusha Watkins Hendon

Johnson Hendon

Johnson Cudellas Hendon

Jonathan Harris Hendon

Jonathan Johnson Hendon