Hendon Family Chronicles


From Various Sources



Erastus Lafayette Hendon family bible

 Benjamin Norris Hendon family bible

 John Cook Hendon family bible

 William C. L. Hendon family bible

George Cromartie / Mary Ann Hendon family bible

John Cromartie / Elizabeth Ann Hendon family bible

 Michael Duskin / Mary Hendon Family Bible

William Hendon Family Bible  

 George Marion Hendon Family Bible   

William Calvin Hendon Family Bible  

Hartsfield Hendon Family Bible

Burrell Olive Family Bible

James Hendon / Charity Vinson Family Bible 

Ambrose M. Haley / Elizabeth T. Hendon Family Bible

Jacob Benjamin L. Hendon Family Record


Erastus Lafayette Hendon obituary 1931 (son of William Lafayette Hendon, grandson of Aaron Hendon)

 Barney Gibbs Hendon obituary 1936 (son of Erastus Lafayette Hendon, grandson of Wm. Lafayette Hendon)

 Eual D. Hendon obituary 1971 (son of Barney Gibbs Hendon, grandson of Erastus L. Hendon)

 Constant Peter Hendon 1998 (son of Henry Whitfield Hendon, grandson of Henry Hendon)

Francis Robinson Hendon 1915 (son Andrew Hendon, grandson of Robinson Hendon)

                                            Dr. Benjamin Franklin Hendon 1884 (son of Isham Hendon, Jr.)   

Capt. James F. Hendon 1845 (son of Isham C Hendon, grandson of James Hendon)
Lt. Col. William Thomas Hendon, Jr. 1917 (son of Dr. William Thomas Hendon)

                                                Martha 'Donna' Cobb Hendon 1899  (wife of Dr. Benjamin Franklin Hendon)  



 Will of Josias Hendon 1738 (the Elder)

 Will of Richard Hendon 1768 (brother of Josias) 

 Will of Hannah Robinson Hendon 1748 (wife of Josias Hendon)

 Will of Josiah Hendon 1730 (son of William Hendon) 

 Will of Isham C. Hendon 1804 (son of James Hendon)

 Will of Nicholas Rogers 1717 (held indenture on Josias Hendon)

 Will of Isham Hendon 1803 (son of Josias Hendon)

 Will of Joseph Hendon 1760 (son of Richard Hendon)

Will of William Hendon 1778 (son of Josias (the Elder)

 Will of James Hendon 1791 (son of ?? Hendon)

 Will of Rev. William Hendon 1822 (son of Isham Hendon)

Will of William Olive, Sr.  1827 (husband of Elizabeth Hendon)

 Will of Nancy Hendon Olive 1839 (daughter of Isham Hendon)

 Will of Robinson Hendon 1818 (son of Isham Hendon)

 Will of William Hendon 1823 (son of Josiah Hendon)

 Will of John Henden 1654 (son of Symon Henden)

Will of Robert Henden  1646 (father of Robert & John Henden)

 Will of William Henden 1643 (gr grandfather of Josias & Richard Hendon)

 Will of John Henden 1659 (great uncle of Josias & Richard Hendon)

Will of Solomon Henden 1736 (uncle of Josias & Richard Hendon) 

 Will of Israel Standifer 1793 (father-in-law of William & Israel Hendon) 

 Will of Joshua Hendon 1853 (son of Benjamin Hendon) 

Will of John C. Hendon 1918 (son of Josiah A. Hendon

Will of John Clement (s), Sr 1816 (father of Aley Clements Hendon and John Clement, Jr.)

Will of Robert Nutt 1785 (father of William & Rebecca Nutt, father-in-law of Sarah (Hendon) Nutt

Will of John Orr 1779 (husband of Rebecca M. Nutt)

Will of James A. Hendon 1884 (son of Elisha S. Hendon)