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While researching in St. Clair County, Alabama archives many years ago, I stumbled upon a very interesting document titled "Power of Attorney, Aaron Hendon To Robert Hinton". Since Aaron was my great great great grandfather, the finding thrilled me because Aaron had left no Will, Family Bible Record, or Probate document.

Power of Attorney to Robert Hinton - Ashville, St. Clair County, Alabama  October 30th  1833

Know all men by these presents that whereas Joshua Sugg, late of Wake County N. Carolina deceased by his last will and testament in writing bearing date. He did give and bequeath unto me Aaron Hendon a legacy of one hundred and seventeen 16/100 dollars also and interest in a certain tract of land of 235 acres and of the said Will made and appointed William R. Pool, Esq executor as in said by said Will may appear. Now know ye that I the said Aaron Hendon have made, ordained, constituted, and appointed Robert Hinton my true and lawful Attorney for me and in my name and for my own proper use and benefit to bargain Sell and dispose of my interest in the said tract of land of 235 acres bequeathed as aforesaid to me and others also to ask demand and receive of and from the said William R Pool, Esq Executor as aforesaid the legacy of one hundred and seventeen 16/100 dollars (with interest if allowable) given and bequeathed unto me Aaron Hendon by the said Joshua Sugg deceased as aforesaid and upon the receipt of payment thereof to my said Attorney a general release or discharge for the same to make execute and deliver hereby ratifying confirming and allowing whatsever said Attorney shall lawfully do in the premises In witness hereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 30th day of Oct 1833 in the presents of
 William Sloan        (signed) Aaron Hendon
                                                                                     Moses Dean 
 The State of Alabama, St Clair County
Before me Joshua W Hooper, Clerk of the County Court for said County personally appeared the written named Aaron Hendon who acknowledged that he signed and sealed the forgoing power of Attorney for the purposes therein mentioned. Given under my hand and seal of office at office this thirteenth day of AD One thousand eight hundred and thirty three and of American Independence the fifty eighth year.

Test: Joshua W Hooper  (Clk CC)

Received in office and recorded October 30th 1833                     Test: J W Hooper (Clk)

A Wake County, North Carolina man, Joshua Sugg, has bequeathed money and property to Aaron Hendon and some of his siblings: Nancy Moore, (Benjamin) Norris Hendon, and Elijah Hendon. All were children of Isham C. Hendon and his wife, Patience
NOTE: Joshua Sugg died in 1828. His Will was recorded in Wake County, book 15, page 314. It should also be noted that the aforementioned attorney, Robert Hinton, was a relative of John Hinton Seawell, who married Louisa Ann Hendon, Aaron Hendon’s second cousin.

Will of Joshua Sugg

Wake County, North Carolina
Date of Will, 22 Mar 1828
Death date, 6 Jun 1828
Recorded in Book V, page 280, the 9th Dec 1828

(signed) B. King C.C.

In the name of God, Amen – I Joshua Sugg of the County and State aforesaid being sick but of sound mind and disposing memory do make and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament in manner and form as follows, to wit.
1st I give to Matilda Barnes one bed, bed stead, two spotted blankets, counterpans, two pillows, two sheets, & (?), and my wish is that she remain at my house and make it her Home until my Land is sold in manner hereinafter mentioned, but not to destroy or waste any thing thereon until sale is made.

2nd My wish is that all the perishable property that should be remaining at my death, but the hogs, be sold by my Executor on a Credit of Nine months and my wish is that Charles my Negro man be sold at the same time and place by my Executor on a Credit of Nine Months.

3rd I leave my Land to be sold at the death of both Lucy and Scott my old faithful Negros, by my Executor on a Credit of Nine Months, and I give to my Executor full power to apply what money he may think is best toward the maintenance of the two above mentioned Negros, to wit, Lucy and Scott.

4th After all expenses are paid in keeping the above old Negros and settling my Estate are paid, My Will and desire is, that Rebecca Curtis shall have one third part of all the money that shall be remaining in the hands of my Executor, derived from the sale of my Land and perishable property – And the balance said two thirds to be equally divided between Nancy Moore, Norris Hendon, Aaron Hendon, and Elijah Hendon.

I hereby Constitute and appoint William R. Poole my Executor to this my last Will and testament with full power to conduct my estate as he may think would be to the interests of same –

Given under my hand and seal this 22 day of March 1828 A.D.            
Signed & sealed in presence of us                                                                                                              ( Signed )   Joshua Sugg              (SEAL)                                                     
(signed) Henry Clifton, Jurat
(signed) Wooten Moore, Jurat

Note: Wooten Moore was a contemporary of the North Carolina Hendons. His sister, Mary 'Polly' Moore, was the wife of Isham Hendon, Jr and his brother, Council Moore, was husband of Mary “Polly” Duskin (daughter of Michael Duskin and Mary Hendon).

Another interesting fact: Isham and Patience’s Hendon's daughter, Elizabeth Hendon, married James Thomason in 1806. The names of Elizabeth’s first four children were James HENDON Thomason; Hensley SUGGS Thomason; JOSHUA Allen Thomason; and John ISHAM Thomason. All these sons were apparently named after Elizabeth’s father and grandfathers.

The identities of Matilda Barnes and Rebecca Curtis are unknown to me. But, it seems certain the four Hendon heirs were blood relatives of Joshua Sugg. I believe there is ample evidence to suggest that Patience Hendon was indeed a relative of Joshua Sugg, but I still cannot prove it!
The 235 acres of land mentioned in Joshua Sugg's Will was sold 8 Nov 1838 for $401.

Joshua Sugg, Jr was the son of Aaron Sugg and Rebecca M. Nutt. Though he was not a 'junior', he was often referred to as "Joshua Sugg, Jr" in order to distingush between him and other Joshua Suggs with the family. Rebecca Nutt was the daughter of Robert Nutt and the elder sister of William Nutt, who married Elizabeth Hendon circa 1775. Both Rebecca, her husband Robert Brown, and former husband, Aaron Sugg, were all listed as heirs in Robert Nutt's Will.

Note: Rebecca M. Nutt married three times: Aaron Sugg (ca 1753); John Orr (ca 1762); and Robert Brown (1782).

                                                                                                  Will of Robert Nutt

27 Feb 1785, probated 27 Feb 1788, Wake County, North Carolina

In the Name of God Amen I Robert Nutt of the County of Wake, State of North Carolina, being of Sound and Perfect mind and memory (blessed be God) but weak of Bodyly Strength, do this Twenty seventh day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand and Seven Hundred and eighty-five make and Publish this my last Will and Testament in Manner following, That is to say

First I give and Bequeath unto Robert Brown husband of my Daughter Rebecca the Sum of five Shillings. I like wise give and Bequeath unto John Simmons Husband to my Daughter Margaret the Sum of five Shillings. I like wise give and Bequeath to Aaron Sugg the Sum of five Shillings which Requires is to be paid by my Executors here after Named. My Will and desire is that my Sons John Nutt and William Nutt pay all the Just Debts that I may be Owing and in Consideration There of I give and Bequeath unto each of said Sons John and William as follows

_____ Unto my Son John Nutt I give and bequeath my Negroe Wench Sarah and my Negroe Boy Goliah & my Gray Mare Moll, and all the future Increase of my said Negroe Wench Sarah to him his Heirs and Assigns Forever.

I likewise give and bequeath to my said Son William my Negroe Boys Toby and Pompy to him his Heirs and Assigns Forever. And my Will and desire is that all the remainder of my Estate both Real and Personal be eqully divided between my said Sons John Nutt and William Nutt which I give and bequeath unto them and their Heirs and Assigns Forever.

And I hereby make and Ordain my Said Sons John Nutt and William Nutt Executors of this my Last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I the said Robert Nutt have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and year above written his Signed Sealed and Declared

 Robert (X) Nutt                                     (Seal)

by the said Robert Nutt the Testator as his last Will & Testament in the presence of us who were present at the Signing and Sealing Thereof.

Christopher Curtis (Jurat)
**John H Hatchings Jun (John H. Hutchings Jr, father of Elizabeth (Hutchings) Sugg, wife of Joshua Sugg, Jr.)
John Abernathie (Jurat)

**John H. Hutchings (Hutchins) Jr, born ca 1730, was the father of Elizabeth (Hutchings) who married Joshua Sugg in 1789. 

A perplexing question: On the proceeding document, Robert Nutt named Robert Brown and Aaron Sugg as heirs. Robert Brown was Nutt's
current son-in--law and Aaron was a former husband of Robert Nutt's daughter, Rebecca. This means (1.) Aaron Sugg and Rebecca Nutt
divorced or (2.) Rebecca gave birth to her son Joshua Sugg out of wedlock.

North Carolina Bastardy Bonds provided no help. :(               The research continues.