By Wayne Hendon

I would love to share/compare info on this family:


My research for the family of my gr gr gr grandfather Daniel L. Williams has been both rewarding and frustrating. Much of the information I've found on the internet is either completely false or are least sketchy. Popular 'free' internet resources like and the World Connect Project as well as 'paid' sites like and all contain bad information on this family. Many believe Daniel's parents were Josiah Hundley Williams, born ca 1765 in Virginia and Judith Elmore, born ca 1760 in Virginia. NOT TRUE! Actually, two men named Daniel Williams resided in Tallapoosa County, AL in the 1850s and 60s. One of them married Margaret Darden; the other was our Daniel.

Josiah Williams and Judith Elmore were indeed married and had a son named Daniel, who lived in Tallapoosa County, AL. But that Daniel died before his mother wrote her 1836 Will. Also, the above mentioned Williams and Elmore families were prominent in early Virginia and Carolina history. (Elmore County, AL is named for one of Judith Elmore's ancestors) My Daniel L. Williams line consisted of common folk, primarily farmers.

Jonas (or Jonah) Williams

Daniel L. Williams was the son of Jonas (Jonah) Williams and Elizabeth 'Betsey' Guy, daughter of Samuel Guy of Fauquier County, Virginia. Betsey was born circa 1775, probably in Virginia. The marriage date was 6 Apr 1791 in Fauquier County. Jonas was born 1770-1780, probably in the Carolinas or Virginia. Jonas served during the War of 1812, 2nd Regt. (Thomas'), Georgia Militia.

Efforts to
 locate Jonas on very early censuses have been mostly unsuccessful; the first reference of him was the Tax Lists of Morgan County, Georgia: 1811, 1812, 1820, 1822 and the 1820 Census of Morgan County ( 3 males under 10, 1 male over 45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45, and 1 female over 45). Jonas' wife Betsey must have died 1820-1822 because Jonas appeared in Montgomery County, AL where he married his second wife, Charlotte Butler, on 24 Oct 1822. Charlotte was the daughter of William I. Butler and Priscilla Cobb. Jonas was amost fifty years old when he married the twenty-two year old Charlotte.

In 1830, Jonas and Charlotte were the parents of two daughters and were residing two doors away from his son Daniel L. Williams in Montgomery County, Alabama. Jonas was 50-60 years old. Also in the household were two females under 10 (Alvaney & Frances) and one female 20-30 (Charlotte). On 1 Aug 1831, Jonas and Daniel were co-buyers of two tracts of land in Montgomery County. Jonas and Charlotte had another daughter, Mary, born circa 1835. Jonas was not listed on any 1840 Alabama census, so we must presume he died in Montgomery County 1835-1840.

The widow Charlotte Butler Williams married second, a elderly widower, Pleasant M. Bowden, on 20 Mar 1844 in Montgomery County. Pleasant was over sixty years old. Needless to say, no children born of this marriage.

Pleasant Bowden, Charlotte and her two unmarried daughters were included in the:
1850 census of Montgomery County, AL, House Number    501
Pleasant Bowden      M   65    South Carolina
Charlott Bowden      F    50    South Carolina (should be Georgia)
Frances Bowden       F    20    Alabama
Mary Bowden           F    15    Alabama

Pleasant M. Bowden died ca 1852, Montgomery County, Alabama. 'C' (Charlotte) Bowden was the head of household on the 1855 state census of Montgomery County. Charlotte (Butler) Bowden died 1855-1860, Montgomery County.
Children of Jonas Williams and Charlotte Butler: (Children used the surname 'Bowden')
Alvaney Williams b. ca 1826, m. Arthur Smith 16 Sep 1844, Monroe County, AL, died 2 Dec 1884, Monroe County, Alabama.
Frances Williams b. ca 1830, (possibly) married Robert McClelen 4 Sep 1868, St. Claire County, Alabama.
Mary Williams b. ca 1835
(some say a fourth daughter, Sarah, was born ca 1839. I've found nothing to prove/disprove it)

Children of Jonas Williams and first wife, Betsey Guy: (more children possibly)
Daniel L. Williams (details follow)
William A. Williams (details follow)
Bazil Williams (more info later)
James Berryman Williams (more info later)
Sarah Williams (more info later)
Elizabeth Jane Williams (more info later)

Daniel L. Williams

Daniel L. Williams was born circa 1797. The first record I've found of him was his marriage to 'Lavisa Brazil' in Montgomery County, Alabama on 16 Nov 1819. This date indicates he was probably the first of his family to leave Georgia and move to Montgomery County. The surname, 'Brazil', has many spellings which make research difficult: Brazil, Brazell, Brazel; but the most common was 'Braswell', which I will use because Daniel's daughter Lucinda's death certificate identifies her mother as 'Braswell.' (info on Braswell family follows)

Daniel and Lavisa (Lovicy) were enumerated on the Montgomery County, AL censuses of 1830 and 1840; then Tallapoosa County in 1850 and 1860. (Tallapoosa was created from part of Montgomery County in 1832.) Daniel was also included the 1866 Tallapoosa County state census and the 1867 Tallapoosa County Voter's List. Daniel moved his family to Claiborne Parish, Louisiana in 1867. Most of their children followed them to Louisiana by 1870.

Fortunately, records of Good Hope Baptist Church of Tallapoosa County from its founding 1 Oct 1847 through Oct 1868, includes some of Daniel and Lavisa's family:
WILLIAMS, POLLY A. (now PLILER or Plyler) member by baptism 21 Aug 1848, granted letter of dismission **13 Oct 1858.
WILLIAMS, LEVINAT (or, LOUICIA G.) (now WOOD) member by baptism 3 Sep 1851, dismissed by letter **12 Oct 1867.
WILLIAMS, LUCINDA by baptism 19 Sep 1852, dismissed by letter **12 Oct 1867.
WILLIAMS, DANIEL by baptism 13 Oct 1855, dismissed by letter **12 Oct 1867.
PLILER, C. R. member by baptism 4 Sep 1851, 10 Apr ___ forgiven for absences, 11 Jun 1853 correspondent to Mt. Zion, dismissed by letter 11 Feb 1855, returned his letter and time extended 9 Jan 1858. 

**These 'dismissal" dates indicate when the family left Tallapoosa County.

(The following Good Hope Baptiat Church members are not part of Daniel's immediate family)
WILLIAMS , MARGARET by letter 10 May 1862, dismissed by letter 9 May 1863.
WILLIAMS, W. F. (or L.) by letter 10 Mar 1866, dismissed by letter 13 Jul 1872.
WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA (wife of W.F or L. above) by letter 9 Jun 1866, dismissed by letter 13 Jul 1872.
WILLIAMS, VICTORIA V. (now INGRAM) by baptism 15 Aug 1866, dismissed by 
BRAZIL, MARTHA member by baptism 22 Aug 1848, dismissed by letter 9 Jun 1855 (wife of Allen Brazil)
RACHAL (property of Brazel, Allen) (designation "property" means this person was a slave) member by baptism 14 Sep 1852)
MARY (property of Allen Brazel) by baptism 10 Oct 1852, dismissed by letter 8 Dec 1855.
* Allen Brazil, Jr was the brother of Lavisa Brazil Williams.

1850 Census, Tallapoosa County, AL, House Number: 996
                                  Gender      Age       Birthplace
Daniel Williams           M              57      Georgia
Vicey Williams             F              50      Georgia    (Lavisa)
John Williams             M              28      Alabama
Vicy Williams              F              15       Alabama   (Lavisa Temperence Williams)
Lucinda Williams         F              12       Alabama
Green Williams           M              10      Alabama   (Daniel Green Williams)
Lavicey Pleler             F                2       Alabama   (Lavisa Plyler, granddaughter)

1860 Census, Tallapoosa County, AL (Beat 1): Page 67, Household 453
                                 Gender        Age     Birthplace
Daniel L Williams      M                60       Georgia
Lovicy Williams         F                 63      Georgia
Lucinda Williams       F                 20      Alabama
Daniel G Williams     M                 16      Alabama

1870 Census, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana:
                                  Gender    Age      Birthplace
Da (Daniel) Williams   M            70        Georgia
Louisa Williams          F             73        Georgia  (Lavisa Williams)
Lucinda Williams        F             30        Alabama

Daniel L. Williams died 1870-80, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana (burial unknown)

1880 Census, Clairborne Parish, Louisiana:
Lavicy  Williams            F             83      Georgia   (Lavisa Williams)
Lucenda Williams          F             38      Alabama  (Lucinda Williams)

Lavisa Braswell Williams died 1880- 1900,
Claiborne Parish, Louisiana (burial unknown)

Children of Daniel L. Williams and Lavisa Braswell:

John Wesley Williams, born Mar 1821, Montgomery County, AL, married Elizabeth G. Williams (no relation) 3 Jul 1860, Tallapoosa County, AL, died
1863 - 1865 (Civil War). John served in the 34th AL Inf, Co A, the same unit as his younger brother, Daniel Green Williams. John evidently died during his service. Elizabeth and her three sons were  living in Etowah County, AL in 1870. (No further info on this family)

Children of John Wesley Williams:
*John W. Williams, Jr, born 1861
*James A. Williams, born 1862
*Joseph W. Williams, born 1863

Tabitha Williams, born ca 1829, Montgomery County, AL, married Conrad Russell Plyler 21 Dec 1847, Tallapoosa County, AL, died 1848, Tallapoosa County, AL. (more info on C. R. Plyler follows)
Child of Tabiatha Williams Plyler:
*Lavisa (Lavicey) Plyler, born 1848, Tallapoosa County, AL

Mary Ann 'Polly' Williams, born 24 Oct 1830, Montgomery County, AL, married her brother-in-law Conrad Russell Plyler 17 Jul 1849, Tallapoosa County, AL, died 7 Feb 1909, Gregg County, TX. Mary and C. R. Plyler resided in Tallapoosa County, AL, where Conrad died 8 Jan 1873. Soon afterward, Mary and her seven children followed her parents to Louisiana  and were included in the 1880 census of Bienville Parish.  Then, by 1900, she moved  to nearby Gregg County, Texas where she died 7 Feb 1909, buried at Gum Springs Cemetery, Harrison County, TX.

Children of Mary Ann Williams Plyler: (All born in Tallapoosa County, AL, which became Elmore County in 1867)
*Joseph Plyler, born 1850
*Emanuel Marion Plyler, born 6 Jun 1852, married Polly Hayes, died 1 Jan 1942, Gregg County, TX
*Wiley I. Plyler, born 1853, married Catherine Harrison, died 1921, Gregg County, TX
*William Downs Plyler, born 15 Dec 1856, married Anice Miles, died 26 Jul 1928, Gregg County, TX
*George Merriweather Plyler, born 19 Jul 1859, married Mattie M. Hays, died 12 Jun 1946, Gregg County, TX
*Emma Plyler, born 1 Jan 1865, died 1937, Gregg County, TX
*Robert Russell Plyler, born 19 Aug 1869, married Emma Virginia Harris, died 2 Jun 1955, Gregg County, TX

Lavisa (Luvicey) Temperence Williams, born 23 Jul 1835, Tallapoosa County, AL, married James W. Wood 6 Dec 1855, Tallapoosa County, AL, died 5 Jun 1896, Clairborne Parish, LA.
Children of Lavisa Williams Wood:
*Helen Wood, born ca 1864, Tallapoosa County, AL
*Ida May Wood, born ca 1865, Bienville Parish, LA
*Ellie Wood, born ca 1870, Bienville Parish, LA
*Missouri Wood, born ca 1873, Bienville Parish, LA

Lucinda Williams, born Jun 1839, Tallapoosa County, AL, died 6 Nov 1920, Arcadia, Bienville Parish, LA.
Lucinda never married and lived weth her parents or other family her entire life.

Daniel Green Williams, born 15 Oct 1842, Tallapoosa County, AL, married Francis 'Fannie' Victoria Rogers 7 Jan 1869, Bienville Parish, L

Often called 'Green', Daniel Williams enlisted (1861) in the Confederate Army at Tallassee, Tallapoosa County, Al. He served in the 34th Alabama Inf. Regt, Co. E. 
He was never wounded but was hospitalized in November, 1862 for 'chronic diarrhea' and was released from the hosital Jan. 5, 1863. 
He fought at the Battle of Lookout Mountain and was captured Nov. 25, 1863. After his capture, he was imprisoned at Rock Island, Illinois and was paroled and exchanged, then sent to Richmond, Virginia. He was back home in Alabama when the War ended in June, 1865 He moved to Bienville Parish, LA about 1867.  Daniel Williams applied for a Confederate pension in 1904. He was active in Confederate War activities and was attending a CSA reunion in Dallas, TX when he died 27 May 1925.

                                                                                              D. G. WILLIAMS DIED IN DALLAS HOSPITAL

D. G. Williams, famarily known as "Uncle Green", was stricken with his last illness while attending the recebnt reunion of Confederate veterans in Dallas, Texas.
He died in the Old Soldier's Hospital there on May 27, and was brought back to Arcadia for burial and laid to rest in the Arcadia Cemetery, May 28, Rev. Oden of Bryceland conducting the services. Local members of the American Legion also assisted in the service.

"Uncle Green" had been a resident of this section practically all his life (error - came to Bienville Parish in 1867), moving here from Alabama when but a small child. He was a member of the Baptist Church, joining this church 51 years ago. He is the father of 12 children, eleven of whom survive him, as follows: J. L., Tom, and Ed Williams, Miss. Kate Williams, Mrs. J. P. White and Mrs. Hugh A. Burnham, all of Arcadia; Mrs. (James) J.M. Ferrell, of Longview, Texas; Mrs. (Christopher) C. Slaughter, of Rochelle; Mrs. J. N. Morrow, of Eros; J.F. (James Franklin) Williams, of Nocona, Texas; and Draton Williams of Huntsville, Texas. Mr. Williams' wife preceded him in death by 33 years.

"Fannie Vick' Rogers, born Feb 1850, Jackson Parish, LA, was the daughter of Airs Rogers and Nancy Dickson. At 21 years of age, her father died 16 Oct 1850, when Fannie was just nine months old. Fannie died 16 May 1892, leaving six children under age twelve. Both Daniel and Fannie are buried at Arcadia Cemetery, Bienville Parish, Louisiana along with many of their children.

Children of Daniel Green Williams: (All born in Bienville Parish, LA)

*John Lamar Williams, born 03 Sep 1869, married Lula Thornton, died 24 Dec 1959, Bienville Parish, LA (no additional info)

*James Franklin Williams, born 29 Oct 1871, mar Ida Exer Pullig 6 May 1897, Stephens County, TX. 'Frank' Williams died 3 Oct 1959 and Ida died 21 Oct 1959 and are buried at Spanish Fort Cemetery, Montague County, TX.
      =               **Children of James Franklin Williams:
 Fannie Lou Williams, born 28 May 1898, Stephens County, TX, married Barney Gibbs Hendon 26 Jun 1918, died 19 April 1975, Merkel, Taylor County, TX
 Henry Grady Williams, born 21 Feb 1901, Stephens County, TX, married Dora Tipton, died 27 Jan 1976, Hale County, TX  
 Daniel Green Williams, born 10 Jun 1903, Stephens County, TX, married Daisey Gorman, died 28 Mar 1975, Nocona, TX
 Bessie Irene Williams, born 7 Mar 1905, Eastland County, TX, married Calvin Tettleton 21 Dec 1923, died 2 Nov 1999, Nocona,  Montague County, TX.
 Charlie Lloyd Williams, born 28 Sep 1908, Eastland County, TX, married Detolia F. Cain, died 11 Mar 1988, Nocona,  Montague County, TX.

*Gussie Lou Williams, born 10 Sep 1872, married James Monroe Farrell 10 Sep 1896, died 19 Jun 1961, Terra Bella, Tulare County, California.
**Children of  Gussie Williams Farrell:
James Monroe Farrell, Jr., Born 17 Nov 1900, died 1951
Frank Farrell, born 17 Nov 1900
M. C. Farrell (male)
Leroy Farrell
Gussie Lou Farrell
Clara Elizabeth Farrell

*Katie Lou Williams, born Dec 1875, died 26 Sep 1936, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA. Never married.

*Edward Lynn "Ed" Williams, born 15 Apr 1877, married Hattie Cummings in 1906, died 18 Feb 1950, Baton Rouge, LA

**Children of  Edward Lynn Williams:
Buen Williams, born 1906, married Ruth New, married Eve Lagrange, died 15 Jan 1973, Louisiana
Dewey Williams, born 1909, married Johnnie M. Methwin, married Wilda Roberts, died 19 Aug 1990, Bossier City, LA
Inez Williams, born 1913, married Otis Lee Youngblood
Bessie Jewel Williams, born 1915, married Mr. Frazier, married Carl Conville, died 25 Aug 1994, Minden, LA
Audrey Williams, born ca 1917, Norman Watts

*Clara Lee Williams, born 1879, married Christopher C. Slaughter 14 Dec 1899, died 20 Jan 1950, Louisiana

**Children of Clara Williams Slaughter:
Fred Slaughter, born 1902
Thelma Blanche Slaughter, born 22 Apr 1904, died 14 Sep 1980, Kern County, CA

*Lizzie G. Williams, born Feb 1883, married J. N. Morrow. No further information.

*Fannie Blanche Williams, born Mar 1885, married J. P. White, died 30 Oct 1970. No further information.

*Thomas Fouts Williams, born 18 Jan 1887, married Mattie Laticia Burnham 21 Nov 1908, died 21 Jun 1957.

**Children of Thomas Fouts Williams
Clinton Eurel Williams, born 14 Sep 1909, died Feb 1973, Bossier City, LA
Clarence H. Williams, born 1915
Nina Williams, born 27 Apr 1917, married Wilbur Hall 13 Feb 1949.
Gwendlyn Williams, born ca 1920
John Thomas Williams, born ca 1923
Dorothy Williams, born ca 1923

*Egan Williams, born 12 Jul 1888, married Hugh Allen Burnham 21 Nov 1908, died 6 Jan 1969, Shreveport, LA.

**Children of Egan Williams Burnham
Mable Clair Burnham, born  14 Apr 1910, died  21 Aug 1910, Louisiana
J.T. Burnham (m), born 1913, died 8 Nov 1973, Louisiana.
Maxine Burnham, born 11 Jul 1917, died 13 Jul 1921, Louisiana.
Hugh Allen Burnham, Jr., born 3 Aug 1926, married Gladys Blackwell

*Henry Drayton Williams, born 24 Jun 1890, married Ila Harvey ca 1920, died 10 Nov 1962, Jackson Parish, LA.

**Children of Henry Drayton Williams
Thurman W. Williams, born ca 1923, died Feb 1987, Jackson Parish, LA
James H. Williams, born ca 1927
Otis L. Williams, born ca 1934

*Horace Grady Williams, born 18 Oct 1891, died 16 Jul 1892.

 William A. Williams

I believe William Williams was the son of Jonas Williams and brother of Daniel L. Williams. He was born 1795-1800 in Georgia. William married Mary 'Polly' Roberson in Montgomery County, AL on 11 Sep 1822, just one month after his father's second marriage at the same place.  Like Jonas and Daniel, William was included in the Montgomery County census in 1830. And, like his brother and father, William was granted a land patient in Montgomery County in 1832. Then, in 1840, William A. Williams was residing in Tallapoosa County, AL (created from parts of Montgomery County in 1832).

In 1850 and 1860, William and his family were enumerated in nearby Coosa County, AL.  By 1866, William had moved to Talladega County, AL and died there 24 Jun 1888. Mary Roberson Williams also died there, 4 Mar 1889.

1850 Census, Coosa County, AL, House Number 666
William Williams        M    47    Georgia
Mary Williams            F      49    Georgia
George Williams         M     19    Georgia  (All children were born in Alabama)
Sarah Williams           F      15    Georgia
Mary Williams            F       13   Georgia
Lorena Williams         F       11   Georgia
Eliza Williams             F        8    Georgia
Martha Williams        F        7    Georgia
Lucinda Williams       F        4    Virginia 

1860 Census, Coosa County, AL, 2nd Subdivision, Page 24
William Williams       M      63    Ga
Mary Williams           F        64    Ga
Lurana Williams        F        20    Ga (again, all children born in Alabama)
Elizur Williams          F        17    Ga
Martha Williams        F       16    Ga
Lucinda Williams       F       14    Ga

1870 Census, Talladega County, AL, Page Number 8
William Williams        M    66    Georgia
Mary Williams              F    72    Georgia
Lurania Williams         F    30    Georgia (daughter, Lorania Williams Mizzell)
Martha J. Williams       F    7    Alabama (granddaughter, Martha Jane 'Mattie' Mizzell)

1880 Census, Sylacauga, Talladega County, Alabama, Sheet Letter B, Sheet Number 209, Volume 1
William Williams     M    82    Georgia
Mary Williams         F      80    Georgia

Child of  William Williams:
*George W. Williams, born 4 Sep 1831, Montgomery County, AL, mar. Adaline Collins 6 Nov 1858, Barbour County, AL., died 11 May 1914, Geneva County, AL

**Children of George W. Williams

B. Wilson Williams, = born 1860, married Matilda Johnston 10 Jan 1888, Barbour County, AL.
Mary Williams, born ca 1870
Laura Virginia Williams, born 22 Jan 1872, died 23 Jul 1897, Geneva County, AL.
Addie Williams, born ca 1874
Luta 'Stacy' Williams, born Jan 1878, married Lawrence Fleming, died after 1910.

*Sarah Ann Williams, born ca 1835, married Calvin Deason, 22 Dec 1859, Coosa County, AL.

*Mary Ann Williams, born ca 1837

*Lorania Williams, born Jun 1842, married Jacob C. Mizzell in Talladega County 2 Jan 1862. Jacob C. Mizzell died 6 Jun 1864, while a CSA prisoner at Rock Island Prison, Illinois. Lorania died 12 Aug 1911, Sylacauga, Talladega County, Alabama.

**Child of Lorania Williams Mizzell       
Martha Jane 'Mattie' Mizzell, born Sep 1863,  married J. William Matheson 20 Dec 1888, died 17 Mar 1925, Sylacauga, Talladega County, Alabama.

*Elizabeth Williams, born ca 1843, married Jesse W. Shackleford 23 Dec 1860, Coosa County, AL.

*Martha Emily Williams,  born  1 Feb 1844, married Ezekiel M. Pike 11 Aug 1865, Talladega County, AL, died 4 Jan 1908, Bemis, Madison County, TN.
 **Children of Martha E. Williams Pike:
 Mary E. Pike, born ca 1867
 Lucinda C. Pike, born ca 1871
 Thomas J. Pike, born ca 1873
 John William Pike, born May 1881, married Beulah 'Lula' Bolden in 1900, died 22 Nov 1941, Tuscaloosa County, AL                      
Flourine Pike, born 3 Sep 1883, married Eddie Patterson, died 8 Aug 1941, Bemis, Madison County, TN.
 Lourine 'Ludie' Pike, born 3 Sep 1883, married M. K. Pate, died 30 Sep 1918, Bon Air, Talladega County, Alabama.

*Lucinda Williams, born ca 1846.

The Braswell Family
NOTE: It was common for censustakers or other government agents to horribly mangle the spelling of a surname!
Prime examples can be found further down the page:

As previously mentioned, this surname has been spelled various ways: Brazil, Brazel, Brazele, Braswell, the last being the most common. This family was closely alligned to the Williams family in Morgan County, Ga and Montgomery/Tallapoosa County, AL. Some of the limited information I have follows:

Jacob Braswell, son of William and Anne Braswell, born 7 Mar 1763, died ca 1823 Edgefield County SC.

his son, William Braswell (Jr), born ca 1765, died ca 1844, a 'Deed of Gift' document:
1795 December 17, Deed of Gift. I, WILLIAM BRASWELL, for the natural love good will and affection which I have and do bear unto my children viz. my sons JACOB, WILLIAM, RICHARD, JOHN and ALLEN, I give unto each of them one horse beast and one cow and calf. Also I give to my daughters NANCY one cow and calf and one feather bed and furniture, to ELIZABETH one cow and calf one feather bed and furniture, to SALLY one cow and calf one feather bed and furniture and I further give to my son ALLEN fifteen head of hogs pewter pots and working tools and I do hereby put the said children in actual possession of the aforesaid property to act with the same at their own discretion clear from me my heirs or assigns and at their pleasure to bargain sell and dispose of the same. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of December 1795. Witnesses: BRITTIAN BRASWEL, JAMES BRASWELL. Signed WILLIAM (X) BRASWELL Recorded 23rd Dec. 1795
Wm. Daniel J.P. (Edgefield Co., SC Deed Book 12, 1794-1796, pages 470-471)

his son, Allen Braswell had at lease four children and moved from Morgan County, GA to Montgomery County, AL about 1810, taking his children with him:
*Jacob Braswell, married Aretta Basil 22 Mar 1827, Montgomery County, AL.
*William Braswell
*Lavisa Braswell, born ca 1800, married Daniel L. Williams 16 Nov 1819, Montgomery County, AL.
*Allen S. Braswell, Jr, born ca 1805, married Martha

'Allen Bagall' (Jr.) (8 doors away from Daniel Williams).....
United States Census, 1850
Name    Allen Bagall
Event Type    Census
Event Year    1850
Event Place    Tallapoosa county, Tallapoosa, Alabama, United States
Gender    Male
Age    44
Race    White
Birth Year (Estimated)  1806
Birthplace    Georgia
House Number    1004

Allen Bagall        M    44    Georgia
Martha Bagall     F    35    Georgia
Harris D Bagall  M    22     Alabama
Samuel S Bagall M    18    Alabama
James Bagall      M    16    Alabama
Henry Bagall      M    11    Alabama
Patsey B Bagall   F      9    Alabama
Robert Bagall     M      5    Alabama
Joseph W Bagall M      1    Alabama

Allen Brazel (Jr.)
United States Civil War Soldiers Index
Name    Allen Brazel, age 38
Event Type    Military Service
Military Beginning Rank    Private, enlisted May 13th 1862
Military Final Rank    Private
Military Side    Confederate
State or Military Term    Alabama
Military Unit    36th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
Military Company    F
Affiliate Film Number    5

Allen Broswell (Jr.)
Alabama State Census, 1855
Name    Allen Broswell
Event Place    Tallapoosa, Alabama
Event Date    1855
Page    59

A. S. Brazil (Jr.)
Alabama State Census, 1866
Name    A S Brazil
Event Place    Tallapoosa, Alabama
Event Date    1866
Certificate Number    50129
Page    117